USA and Latin America 2010

March of Remembrance for the first time in Washington D.C., 500 people on the street in Lima,Peru, a memorial event on Yom HaShoa.


For Zion´s Sake I Will not be Silent – on April 11, the Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day, believers in many cities all over North and South America took to the streets to put feet to this command.

In Washington D.C., representatives of Christian churches and Messianic congregations gathered together with Holocaust survivors on the "National Mall" to walk to the Capitol from there. On the West Lawn, Holocaust survivors Peter Loth, Paul Argiewicz and David Goldkorn shared their terrible experiences and called the audience to never again allow something like this to happen. Jobst Bittner, initiator of the March of Life movement, spoke on Israel‘s significance and how important it is to learn the lessons from the nazi era and to raise our voices against anti-Semitism at this time. 

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In Lima, Peru 500 Christians gathered together with representatives of the local Jewish community. As an expression of their friendship to Israel they marched through the city – Peru has probably never seen anything like it before. At the the memorial event afterwards with representatives of the Israeli embassy in Peru present, Ruben Gutknecht, leader of the TOS branch "Los Transformadores", spoke on the necessity of breaking the silence concerning anti-Semitism also in Latin America.

For further pictures of the event, see!/album.php?aid=159098&id=105272024631


In La Paz, Bolivia there was a smaller March with 25 participants through the city center - an important statement in a country with friendly relations to the Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

For further pictures of the event, see!/album.php?aid=159044&id=105272024631&ref=mf


Further Marches took place in eight other cities across the US; Spokane, WA; Mercer Island, WA; Bloomington, IN; Miami, FL; Gig Harbor, WA; Bartlesville, OK; St Louis, MO; Brooklyn, NY.


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