The March of Life Movement made it to France!

The first "Veil of Silence" and "March of Life" Seminar in France took place on January 21, 2017. At the invitation of pastors, Jean Luis Jabin and David Cohen, 40 participants came to Marseille.

Jobst Bittner, together with his wife Charlotte –founders of the March of Life movement–and Bernard Leycuras, president of the prayer movement “Objectif France,” taught on the "Veil of Silence" regarding the Holocaust in general,in France and how this veil can be broken. 

Descendants of German Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) soldiers, who had been stationed in France, arrived solely for the purpose of the seminar and told the stories of their fathers and grandfathers. On behalf of their forefathers, the German descendants asked the French participants for forgiveness.  

A crucial moment during the seminar was when a police officer from Marseille indicated the responsible role the French police played and asked for forgiveness on their behalf for the actions carried out during the occupation period, especially for the eviction and blasting the harbour district in Marseille in January 1943. 

The closing of the seminar was a commemoration event at the memorial site in Marseille’s harbour district. The first March of Life in France is expected to take place on July 9 in Paris.

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